Mount Shasta, California

Wyoming man steals train following work dispute, reports

A rail worker in Wyoming might face felony charges for dissenting working terms by stealing a train and taking it on a thirteen mile joy ride before he crashed it into another locomotive, reported local media. Twenty two year old Derek Skyler Brux was being held in Campbell County Detention Center in Gillette in Wyoming, after his Thursday capture for ‘hijacking’ a train at North Antelope Rochelle.

Melting glacier sparks massive mudslide in Mount Shasta

The biggest mudslide on Mt. Shasta, Northern California, in 2 decades might be related to the prolonged drought of California, as per experts. The mudslide started on Saturday after a glacier keeping water pockets either melted or shifted, releasing water down south-east side of Mt. Shasta, told Andrea Capps, a spokesperson for the Shasta Trinity National Forest.

Compared to London, Naples is less dangerous, claimed a city councilor

London appears to be more dangerous compared to Naples, claimed a city councilor, days after Rome's mayor flapped down a UK government admonition about petty crime in the city centers in Italy. In a letter to British Ambassador in Italy, Christopher Prentice insists that Naples far from being a dangerous place, it is a popular and safe tourist destination.

Japan introduces multiple-entry short-stay visa for Indians

From today, the Government of Japan would issue multiple entry visas for short term entry to Indians (for ordinary passport holders). This decisiveness was taken following Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe’s announcement, when he paid visit to India earlier this January, that the nation would bring in multiple entry visas based on the acknowledgment that the sweetening of people-to-people alterations is important in order to extend relations between Indian and Japan.

Denver to have a new international air destination Panama City

United Airlines is all set to operate nonstop flights between Panama City and Denver International Airport, said officials on Wednesday. Top leaders in Denver had their eyes set on this Central American city for a nonstop flight, for a very long time, seeing it as a gateway to beautiful places throughout Latin America.

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