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Our History

  • February
    MtshastaPhotos was born. After spending Valentine’s Day at home writing code on his PC, our CEO Dave Boyce launches MtshastaPhotos, a site dedicated to providing you with the best productivity apps and tips, as well as top-rated app promotion services. Considering the date when the project was created — as well as our Team’s professional expertise and passion — you can really say that MtshastaPhotos was born out of love for what we do. By the end of February, Dave was already working on building a strong team of professional developers, designers, and marketing specialists that would make our project as successful as possible.
  • May
    We got our first client and started working on their mobile app project. Today, this client continues working with us and has already recommended our services to his business partners. In May 2019, our customer base began growing rapidly. Our philosophy of quality and commitment started to pay off.
  • February
    Hundreds of apps were evaluated by our experts. Over 100 professional app reviews were written and posted. While MtshastaPhotos was only one year old in 2018, it already flaunted a solid customer base and a group of returning clients. Adam Sartell, Ronald Bryant, Amy Roberts, and Amy Morton became members of the team. Adam and Ronald — talented app developers with years of experience under their belt — became responsible for every part of the project from writing the code to deploying the production build that users see. Amy is their creative force — she’s our genius designer. In addition to this, in February 2018 we signed a contract with a great outsourcing app marketing company — these guys are real professionals and a vital part of our team. They’re the best.
  • April
    Aiming to polish our content to perfection, in April 2019 we started collaborating with brilliant video producers and tech writers. May 2019 was the time when some of the largest companies we currently provide services to contacted us to initiate partnership. In our view, these two aspects (major focus on quality and increased customer base growth) are interdependent.
  • November
    2019 was full of events, education, networking, and inspiration. Our team participated in various conferences, summits, and mobile industry gatherings. In June, Dave, Adam, and Ronald attended the App Promotion Summit London — an interactive conference that brings together specialists who work in the sphere of app and game promotion. There were plenty of opportunities for networking after the round table seating, and we sure made the most of each and every one of them. As a matter of fact, two important outsourcing partnership projects were born soon after the conference ended.
  • December
    Our constantly expanding client base has given us the opportunity to hire even more team members in December 2019. Julie Ellis, our editor, is one of them. Dave has the feeling that 2020 is going to mark her stellar career path. In 2019, we participated in Mobile Growth Summit 2019, The Mobile Apps Unlocked 2019 conference, and the Applause 2019 mobile growth conference.
  • January
    It’s worth mentioning that in 2020 we’re planning to attend a few important events. Here are some of them: Mobile Growth Summit 2020, Mobile World Congress 2020, MobileTech Conference & Summit 2020, and Mobile Connect 2020. In addition to this, we’ve prepared the ‘Get to Know Us Better’ video, which will soon debut on YouTube after approximately 60 hours of animation, 5 hours of creative writing, and 5 hours of voice acting.
  • March
    They say a goal without a plan is just a wish. Therefore, we always plan our work ahead — with logic, sensibility, and success in mind. In March 2020, we plan to launch one of the projects designed in collaboration with the pros we met at the App Promotion Summit London. So far, we cannot let you in on all the details, but it’s going to be related to mobile industry as well. And potential-wise, it’s definitely going to be huge. We realize that controlling the future is impossible. But we know that working on creating it is our best choice. Feel free to join us in our future achievements. Or just wish us good luck!